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Short History

Alan Vincent kindly allowed John Leffler to purchase his P4A Bowin Formula Ford on a time payment basis and John campaigned the car in the closing stages of 1971, more to feel his way into formula ford than to anything spectacular. The 1972 season was different, the opening championship round at Warwick Farm saw John on pole, with Bob Beasley P4X-112-71, Larry Perkins and Bob Skelton P4A-115-72 alongside and behind. "the 1972 season is marvellous to remember," says John talking to Chequered Flag. "Finding the money to run the car was not always easy but we were approached by Hans Tiepermann of  
Grace Bros.
  shortly afterwards, and the Bowin was immediately repainted in the appropriate colour scheme - John was delighted, even though he had just sprayed the car black the week before!" Now a Grace Bros. team driver, John finally had the backing to launch a serious assault on the Formula Ford championship. In many tremendous, closely fought races in the 1972 season, John Leffler eventually finished second overall to Bob Skelton, conceding defeat by only one point.[1]

In 15th May 1972 John Leffler purchased a new Bowin P4A-116-72. One would assume he raced this car for the rest of the 1972 season in the Grace Bros. colours.


  • Class -Formula Ford
  • Chassis -Spaceframe
  • Engine -1600cc Ford Crossflow
  • Gearbox -Hewland Mk8 4 speed

Owner History

Date Owner
14th Apr 1970
Alan Vincent
late stage 1971
John Leffler[2]
dd mm yyyy

Race History

Date Race Track Driver Result
dd mm yyyy
meeting name
dd mm yyyy
meeting name



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  2. Chequered Flag, Sept 1975, Page 17
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