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Short History

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Bob Beasley in the Wright-Ford Formula Ford Bowin in pole position at Warwick Farm for the first Formula Ford race in NSW[1]

Geoff Howatt reports

"Someone had been advertising bits for Bowin P4s around that time, which included chassis P4A-104-69, so I bought that in June 1980 and put all my parts from P4A-105-70 onto it. If I remember correctly he said it had been owned by Charles Lukey, who wrote it off at Bathurst one year. This guy had bought it and grafted a new front end onto it.

Anyway, I modified it to accept the suspension I had on my car (Stephen Brook had modified the upper front wishbones so that the trailing arm mounted to the steering wheel bulkhead, in order to more easily adjust caster) and also the front-mounted oil pump I ran which necessitated reversing the diagonal bracing tube at the firewall.

I ran it in the national and local series until I sold it and all my spares (including an original Ford 1600 block stamped with serial number FF002) to Allan Gough in January 1982 (he had raced Geminis until then). I heard that Alan raced it a couple of times before he shot through. He owed me money on the car. I don't know what happened to the car, but his brother Kel Gough picked it up for him. Kel is a lawyer and might still be around if you want to follow it up."


  • Class - Formula Ford
  • Chassis - Spaceframe
  • Engine - Ford 1600cc Crossflow
  • Gearbox - Hewland Mk8 4 Speed

Owner History

Date Owner
9th Nov 1969
Wright Ford
Charles Lukey?
Geoff Howatt
Jan 1982
Allan Gough

Race History

Date Race Track Driver Result



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