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The Bowin Story

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Bowin LN8 Convection Gas Heater incorporating Low NOx burner - with inventor John Joyce

The name BOWIN is synonymous with that of its founder John Joyce, who back in the late 60's - while developing and constructing record breaking Formula racing cars - had no way of knowing that one day he would become a leading manufacturer of unflued gas heating appliances in Australia.

A development engineer by training and an entrepreneur by inclination, John Joyce supplemented his racing car business by designing and manufacturing high turnover products such as deep-fry cookers, TV-tables, range hoods and lighting shells for XPT train carriages.

In 1976 John Joyce shifted the direction of his company and entered the gas industry, pioneering the distribution of gas log fires. Under the brand names MOD-N-AIRE the company supplied a mix of general purpose domestic gas heaters varying in megajoule output to fit specific market niches. One of his first sucessful products was the award winning MS12 a small ergonomically designed radiant gas heater for spot heating.

In the late 80's BOWIN and the Australian Gas Industry faced a new and different hurdle, Indoor Air Quality and the extent that particularly older style unflued gas heaters were contributing to higher than acceptable levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Fortunately for the Australian Gas Industry, John Joyce was now well and truly part of their industry, and with his rare engineering & scientific talents a solution was not far off. John Joyce relished a new challenge, and with utter perseverance he set himself the impossible task of finding a solution to this difficult problem. Bearing in mind, his foe nitrogen dioxide was not something you can see with the human eye, only measure with highly sophisticated scientific instrumentation. Joyce would use this expensive and sensitive equipment later, but inititally he would solve this difficult problem like he had solved so many before - using powerful visualisation techniques, coupled with what he knew about pressure, thermodynamics and chemistry. Hence, he set himself the task of solving the emission problem at its source: the gas burner.

It is well established that conventional bunsen gas burners produce higher levels of oxides of nitrogen and are as such were not considered by him to have potential for NOx reduction. Therefore, Joyce immediately focussed his research on surface combustion burners or radiant tile burners which produced levels 60-70% lower than conventional burners at that time. Joyce's plan was to use high temperature stainless steel woven mesh, and went on to produce scores of prototype burners until one showed "potential". Most importantly once Joyce had discover the importance of the interplay of primary and secondary combustion in NOx reduction, engineering a solution was the easy part.

Since the 1990's armed with the proven LO-NOX technology, the company embarked on the development and subsequent distribution of new generation gas heaters under the brand name BOWIN SLE. These unflued heaters incorporated features and benefits resulting from a culmination of all BOWIN's leading edge technology, design criteria and advanced materials. The innovative designs earned the company another Australian Design Award and the Powerhouse Museum Selection accolades in 1993. Distribution was effected via a national network of retailers. In the late 1990's Bowin went on to export these heaters to the US market.

In all some 200,000 or so gas heating products have been manufactured at the Brookvale manufacturing facility, what was the old car company from the early 1980's to now.

BOWIN Products

As you can see from the Product Gallery below, many more Bowin products followed on from the first Bowin Cars!

BOWIN Projects


To help with his design and manufacture John Joyce also branched out partnering with gifted computer programmer John Knott. In 1987, they founded a company together which developed its own CAD/CAM soft/hardware and computer-machine communication interface (CIM) technology. Their company CIMTEC successfully marketed and sold software packages and hardware interface devices to hundreds of corporations in Australia and abroad.

Modern Gas Appliance Manufacturing Facility (Chard Rd)

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