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John Vincent Joyce

Born4th April 1938
Died29th June 2002
EducationNorth Hampton College of Technology
SpousePamela Joyce
DisciplineCar design
Significant DesignLotus Europa



John Joyce was acknowledged by most to be well ahead of his time. John developed his design skills at  
Lotus Cars
  in 1963 firstly on the development team of the  
Lotus Cortina
 . The team consisted of John Joyce,  
Brian Hart
  and lead driver  
Jim Clark
 . John was soon to show his skills with  
Colin Chapman
  promoting him to Chief Development Engineer of Lotus Components looking after the manufacture and supply of components to the private Lotus teams. John also managed the F2 team with drivers of the calibre of  
Jackie Oliver
 . Whilst with Lotus in England he completed a course in aerodynamics at

North Hampshire College of Technology and he studied with scientists recognised in the field. John was also responsible for design of the Lotus "Wedge" Indianapolis car and for much of the aerodynamics design of the Lotus Europa, recognised as one of the cleanest cars in the world.

John returned to Australia in 1967 and project Bowin became a reality assisted by Ray Parsons. The both had met while working at Lotus in 1963 and worked together during the next three years on varying projects for Colin Chapman. John Joyce originally from Toowoomba started his business at 30 years of age, Ray Parsons on the other hand hailed from Broken Hil, NSW and at 32 his mechanical prowess was second to none having risen to the position of Chief Racing Mechanic for Lotus. He accompanied the late Jim Clark on the Tasman Cup Series of 1965 and 1966. Their first project became the P3 build for Glynn Scott officially known as the Bowin-Cosworth FVA, meticulously built and perfectly powered for the 1969 National F2 Championships. John was well conversed with the design advantages of the Monoque construction although Australian's were not quite ready and the P3 did not take off as expected. Bowin did not have to wait long for success with the introduction of Formula Ford in 1970. By 1972 Bob Skelton had won the National series driving the dominant P4 whilst winning again with John Leffler (1973), Smith (1977) and John Wright (1978). By 1973 Bowin had grown to a full time staff of 27 to keep up with the production of the P4, P6F & P8. Joyce, in keeping with his pioneering approach to business identified export opportunities and began exporting Bowin's to New Zealand, Canada and North America. Bowin's diversity included race car rental packages, customised to suit each purchases requirements. Bowin also enjoyed success with touring and sports sedans. These included the famous Geoghan XY GT Falcon, Brian Foley GTA Alfa Romeo Chesterfield Sports Sedan and the design and improved modifications for Ford Australia of the John Goss special XB Falcon hardtops.

By 1978 Bowin's had diversified in design and manufacture and its doors closed on the racing car industry. Those to experience and more often win or take placing's in Bowin produce cars

reads like a who's who. They included Glynn Scott, Bob Skelton,  
John Harvey
John Leffler
 , Gary Rush, Len Searle, David Mingay, Stephen Brook,  
Geoff Brabham
 , John Davis, Geoffrey Spence, Paul Besconi, Bruce Allison, Sue Ransom, Brian Foley, "Pete"  
Ian Geoghegan
 , John Smith & Jon Wright.

When asked 22 years late why Bowin's changed direction John said straight forworth "Bowin's was a Company of Manufacture not a sponsor of racing car drivers".

John's Lotus Company Identification Card - as a Project Engineer
John's Lotus Company Identification Card - as a Project Engineer
Later John  became the Chief Development Engineer at Lotus Components
Later John became the Chief Development Engineer at Lotus Components
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