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What is a Wiki?

  is a series of Webpage articles written by the users of the Wiki. This means that anyone can add content here or edit other people's contributions. Notice that all words that are blue on the screen are links to other pages or articles of information. All pages have been written by other people. If a word is highlighted red, that means that it links to an article that has not yet been created. "Well that'll never work!" you might find yourself saying. "Whose gonna take time to add information to some website?" Well, a great example of a Wiki that functions very succesfully is the  
 . They are an internet based  
  written entirely by its users and they have well over 1,000,000 articles.

Why does Bowin Cars need a Wiki?

The Bowin Car Company designed and manufactured a successful and popular brand of formula racing cars in the 60's & 70's. Even today there are many Bowin car enthusiast who still maintain and race the Bowin make of cars in historic racing classes throughout the world. There is already a wealth of knowledge on all sorts of topics about Bowin Cars that can be found on Wikipedia and other places. This information however doesn't tell the whole story, or the stories burried deep in the brains of the many Bowin Car enthusiast. It can be hard enough to find the answer to your question on Wikipedia, let alone trying to find answers locked in someone else's brain! <Enter the Bowin Cars Wiki> So this is where all information relating to Bowin Cars should end up. Anyone should be able to come here and find answers to questions, historical race records, Car Drawings, photos and Useful Websites all documented. If you have a information on the Bowin Cars that is not explained on the Wiki, please add it. The Wiki will only work if we all put our collective knowledge together to create a better Bowin Cars experience.

What Belongs in the Bowin Car Wiki?

Pretty much anything is acceptable. If it is related to Bowin Cars, it should be here. Please remember DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION! You also should know that if you post something here, there is a good (100%) chance that it will be edited down the road by another user. This is the nature of the beast. It is also what makes a Wiki so succesful. If someone posts a great article on something, but it is poorly written, someone can come by later with great language skills and proof read it to make the article clearer. Someone might come by after that and change the format of the page around to fit the general format of the Wiki better. So don't be offended if others change your work.

What Doesn't Belong in the Bowin Car wiki?

  • Copyrighted material. Pretty much anything on other people's websites is protected. Please do not copy from websites and paste it here to the Wiki. If you are writing an article about a feature of Bowin Cars, please write it yourself. Copying from other websites could get us all in trouble.

General Bowin Cars Wiki Help

Using the Bowin Cars Wiki

The main page has been set up with a menu system. Each link takes you to a new article. It has been set up this way to try and make browsing the Wiki a little bit easier. Unfortunately, not all information on the Wiki is set up in the menu system. In other words, there might be articles written that are not on any index page. They are available by searching for them or by finding a link to them in another article.


Each page should belong to a category and many pages belong to more than one category. You will find the list of categories that the page belongs to at the bottom of the article. This Page for example belongs to the category Wiki Help. If you click on the "Wiki help" at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to the category page for Wiki Help. It lists all pages that are in this category. Notice that the Category Wiki Help page is also in a category. It is in the Base category. Click on Base and you will see all articles in the base category and all categories that are listed under the base category. Clicking through the categories in this way is a good way to browse through the content on the Wiki. The creator of a page has to decide what category the page should be in. If they do not add it to a category, the page will not be listed in any category view until someone fixes it later. Click Here to read more about the categories and how to categorize on the Bowin Cars Wiki.


There are generally two types of Wiki users: Those who are only looking for information (lurkers) and those who are regular contributors. This section is aimed at contributors, but lurkers will also benefit from the information here.

Creating a New Article

There are a few different ways to create a new article. The main idea is to get the Wiki to browse to a page that doesn't actually exist. It will then let you create content for that page. Here's what I mean:

  • The address of this page in the browser address bar is
    The last part after the = sign is "Help:Contents". That is the name of this page. If you wanted to create a new article about Bowin P3, you could replace the "Help:Contents" with "Bowin P3" and hit enter. The Wiki would try to navigate to a page called "Bowin P3" and would not find that page, so it would prompt you to edit that empty page.
  • Another way to create a new page is to add a link on an existing page to the page you want to create. The idea is that when you save the edit, the page will have a link to a nonexistant page. you can then click on the link and the Wiki will navigate to a page that does not yet exist and it will prompt you to edit the new page. An example would be to create a link to a page called Bowin P3. Since that page doesn't exist, you can click on the "Bowin P3" link and see what happens. Of course, please don't actually add content to the cheese page, this is only an example page that should remain empty.
  • You can also enter the name of the page you would like to create in the Seach box and hit "Go". If a page already exists with the title you entered, it will take you directly to that page. If it does not exist yet, you will be at a Search Results page that has an option to create the non existant page.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to create a new page is the new "Create Article" input box on the Main Page. Just type in the name of your article (Bowin P3)

Formatting a New Article

Is there a template that is used? No, not really. However, try to be aware of other similar pages. The Historical Race Result pages have a certain style them. If you decide to write an article that doesn't exist yet about a Bowin Car Feature, you might try to follow the same general layout used on the other pages.
Of course there are plenty of articles that are single articles without anything else to try and match. That's just fine. Try to organize it with an introduction, explanation, etc, etc. There are people who love to go around format articles to make them all feel similar. Let them take care of little things if that's not your favorite thing to do.

Page Redirects, Capital Letters, Page Naming

Remember that capitalization matters. The wiki will always capitalize the first letter, but anything after that you need to be careful about capitalization. Lets say you make an article about SkecthUp. If someone were to search for "Bowin P3" they wouldn't find your page because they did not capitalize the "P". What you should do is try to think about this while you are making your page. After you've made the page, you can create Redirect pages that will automatically take the user to the correct page. So you would make the "Bowin P3" page like normal. Then make a page called "bowin p3". On the "bowin p3" page, only add this line:


That will automatically redirect anyone who has gone to the page named "bowin p3" to the correct page named "Bowin P3". Here are the pages that show this in action. This is the True Bowin P3 page. This is the incorrectly spelled bowin p3 page. Notice when you click on the one spelled incorrectly, you go straight to the correct page, but there is a little message on top of the correct page that says "Redirected from bowin p3". You can click on the word "bowin p3" in that little message to be taken to the actual rediret page. Edit it if you want to see the #REDIRECT code in action.

Categorizing Pages

Categorizing is very important. Each page can be included in multiple categories. The author or an editor somewhere down the road decides what category each article should be in. To categorize an article, simply add [[category:Drawings]] to the very bottom of the article. That will then add the article to the Drawing category in this case. This is important so that users can go to the Drawing category page and see all the articles that are categorized as being Drawing. This page is not in that category because this page is not a Drawing. P3, P4, P6 & P8 are all Bowin Drawings and their articles are correcty placed in the Drawing category. They also might belong in other categories and that is just fine.

Wiki Navigation

If you are interested in trying to keep up with new articles and article edits, the best way to do that is to click on "Recent Changes" in the navigation box to the left. In your preferences you can control how many edits it shows per page, if edits marked as minor edits appear on the list, etc. This is the best way to see what content has been added recently and who has been contributing.

Wiki Code

There are plenty of text codes to use to help format the pages with headings, bulleted lists, tables, charts, text variation, etc. Here is a site that has many/most of the features available listed:

Special Pages

The "Special Pages" page is also quite helpful. There are many site features that can be accessed there. I try to keep up with the user list to see how many users there are. There are pages there that show all pages that are uncategorized, and all pages that don't have anything that links to them, etc. These are good pages to use to help keep the Wiki well organized.

Bowin Cars Wiki Suggestions

The Wiki Suggestions page is here for people to voice their opinion about the Wiki, or make requests for new content/articles. Feel free to add suggestions to the list. Please include anything from wanted articles, to article formatting ideas.


So say your reading through this article and see a million typo-s or understand what I mean, but can think of a much simpler way of saying it......well edit the page and fix it. Yeah, even the documentation pages like this one are up for editing by users. I won't get offended, that's the whole purpose of the site.

And again, any link in red means nothing has been posted for that link. Please click on any of these links and add the missing content.

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