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Vehicle Drawing Categories

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Assembly Of Chassis
Assembly Of Front Suspension
Assembly Rear Suspension
Assembly Of Engine
Assembly Of Gearbox
As complete welded structure including any component parts which are essentially chassis i.e frames, brackets etc.
Includes all unsprung weight except wheels, nave plates and brake parts but including spring and damper units and propshaft
Includes all unsprung weight (except wheels,nave plates and brake parts) but including spring and damper untis and propshaft, if live axle.
Includes engine unit as supplied by the manufacturer or in modified condition, water pumps, cooling fan (when driven by the engine), mechanical fuel pumps (for electrical pump see group "M") engine mountings (If not part of chassis), flywheel, fan belt, oil filters, engine adaptor plates and castings, rev counter take off but excluding clutch, manifold (inlet and exhaust), carburettors, injection distributor, spark plugs, starter motor, dynamo, H.T leads and lead to coil.
Includes gearbox unit as supplied by manufacturer or BOWIN - for bell housings and adaptor plates or castings (see Group "E") final drive unit if integral with gearbox housing, gearchange lever and mechanism.
Assembly Of Body
Assembly Of Road Wheels
Assembly Of Steering
Assembly Of Brakes
Assembly Engine
& Gearbox Cooling
Body or body shell, including windscreen, side window parts, grilles, doors, seats, hood, dampers, weatherstrips etc.
Including wheels, tyres, inner tubes, nave plates, balance weights etc.
Includes steering base (usually rack and pinion) steering arms, mounting brackets, dust and water excluders, steering wheel & column, also to include badge and or motif.
Including brake drums, discs, calipers, master cylinders, brake shoes, springs, seals, slave cylinders,bundy piping, flexible piping, unions, handbrake assembly. All that which is generally supplied by the brake manufacturer, pedals and mounting brackets.
Includes water and oil radiators, header tank (water and oil) or swirl pot if fitted, piping, flexible hoses and clips etc, oil tank, thermostats, excluding pumps when mechanicall driven by engine.
Assembly Of Fuel System
Assembly Of Electrical System
Assembly Of Instruments
Assembly Of Heating & Ventilating
Assembly Of Clutch
Includes fuel tanks, connecting pipes, flexible hoses, filters, filler caps, electrical fuel pumps, bungi fixings, clips etc, up to but not including carburettors, banjos, injection trumpets.
Includes battery, heavy battery cable, coil, wiring looms,cut out voltage regulator unit and other control units, exterior front and rear lights, interior lights, direction indicators etc, dynamo and magneto distributor, starter motor, spark plugs, HT leads etc.
Includes all instruments and gauges, flexible driver and cables, excluding electrical wiring from instruments to unit.
Includes all items not built into assembly of chassis or body. i.e heater units, paper hoses etc.
Complete clutch assembly as supplied by manufacturer including mechanism slave cylinder and clutch parts, clutch pedal, pedal mounting brackets etc.
Assembly Of Final Drive
Assembly Of Fuel Metering & Exhaust Systems
Assembly Of Miscellaneous Equipment
Special Projects
Used on I.R.S wbut when final drive is integral with gearbox see group "F". Includes propshaft and differential nose piece assembly.
Includes carbruettors, cold airbox & fixtures, throttle linkage, throttle pedal. Exhaust manifolds, down pipes, silencers, tail pipes and mounting brackets, ignition trumpets and metering systems.
Includes jack, wheelbase, spanners, pliersetc.
Includes all special drawings for customers, vehicles or parts, covering all industrial products.
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